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Citation Requirements:
Blue Catfish ... 38" or 30 lbs
Channel Catfish ... 30" or 12 lbs
Flathead Catfish ... 40" or 25 lbs
Sunfish ... 11" or 1 lb
Large Mouth Bass ... 22" or 8 lbs
Small Mouth Bass ... 20" or 5 lbs
White Bass ... 18" or 2 lbs 8 oz
Crappie ... 15" or 2 lbs
Walleye ... 25" or 5 lbs
Striper ... 37" or 20 lbs
White Perch ... 13" or 1 ¼ lbs
Yellow Perch ... 12" or 1 ¼ lbs
Chain Pickerel ... 24" or 4 lbs
Carp ... 34" or 20 lbs
Gar ... 40" or 10 lbs
Bowfin ... 30" or 10 lbs

2017 Catch of the Day
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Braden Joyner caught this 25 Kerr striper on June 3, 2017, main lake area.
Phillip Garber caught this 15" Crappie in the Mill Creek area of Kerr Lake on a minnow on June 13, 2017.
Caleb Huber, caught in Eastland creek 36 plus, weight ?
Kerr Lake, Va, Sun Fish, 1 lb 2 oz, 11 inch length
Chris Sweeney caught this Drum on April 13, 2017 in Grassy Creek using a spinner bait on a 6lb. test line.
Tim Faucette with a 25 inch Striper caught on home made crank bait.
5.5 pounder caught on 2 lb test, 18 inch ice fishing rod from Rhode Island, guided by Chris of Kerr Lake Crappie and Cats
First Kerr Lake Striper for Pastor T., 32 1/2" Approx. 15 lbs. caught 4/26/17 fishing with Mark and PapaJoe
16 year old Matthew Minnick caught this Gar fish in Rudds Creek 5/14/17
Austin with his buddy, fishing with FishDoc
12 from 13-15 inches caught by Scott and his buddy fishing with Kerr Crappie and Cats.
My wonderful love Sonja McLeod with a crappie caught bank fishing at our house on Buggs on 3/30/17. Using a Slider jig and Grub. Fish wasn't measured nor weighed and was promptly released.
Rosie Rafferty with first Bass of 2017. 15 1.5 Pounds, caught in Bluestone Creek on Crappie Minnow.
Tim Faucette with a 3lb crappie caught with a live minnow. Crappie was 16.5 in long and 7 inches wide.
Who is hiding behind this big Cat??
Bowfin 26in 5 and a half pounds. "Never caught one of theses before"
Donald with some February crappie caught fishing with FishDoc
Austin with his buddy, fishing with FishDoc
Pastor Tim and his Father out rite after Christmas with FishDoc