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Citation Requirements:
Blue Catfish ... 38" or 30 lbs
Channel Catfish ... 30" or 12 lbs
Flathead Catfish ... 40" or 25 lbs
Sunfish ... 11" or 1 lb
Large Mouth Bass ... 22" or 8 lbs
Small Mouth Bass ... 20" or 5 lbs
White Bass ... 18" or 2 lbs 8 oz
Crappie ... 15" or 2 lbs
Walleye ... 25" or 5 lbs
Striper ... 37" or 20 lbs
White Perch ... 13" or 1 ¼ lbs
Yellow Perch ... 12" or 1 ¼ lbs
Chain Pickerel ... 24" or 4 lbs
Carp ... 34" or 20 lbs
Gar ... 40" or 10 lbs
Bowfin ... 30" or 10 lbs

2014 Catch of the Day
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FishDoc with a 2 pounder caught on the World Famous FishDoc Bucktail
Kenny Oakes with a Buggs Island winter time slab, 17 3/4 inches, 2lbs 15 ounces. The fish was released.
October flathead caught with Capt Redbeard
Striper love those cold rainy days! -Capt. Redbeard
Ronnie with another Buggs Island Slab, fishing with FishDocs Guide Service!
Dec 6...Chris hill
Matt and Kasey with a good catch fishing with FishDocs Guide Service
Nov. 22 Grassy creek. 20 crappie @ 20 lbs Tommy and George fishing with FishDocs Guide Service
Freshwater Drum caught 11/23/14 at Clarksville bridges by Jay Daniel.
Heather white fishing with Chris Hill 11/23.
Casey Swope working on the LMB 11/23.
Team Redbeard gettin ice bowl ready early this year!
Main lake 10/26 15" caught on white do-nothing nowhere near Fishdoc.
A-rig Striper action Chris Hill and Heather White.
Here's a decent fish caught on 11/8/14 by Austin Sartin and Chris Hill.
A little Striper action by Chris Hill and Heather White.
Decent blue caught by Austin Sartin and Chris Hill 11/8/14.
Heather white fishing with Chris hill
Heather white and Chris hill
Jessica Pillow caught this 31 pound blue on board slime time!
Great day on the water caught a few this size, haven't been since last Wed, to much wind for this old man, my wife love it. lol Kfive
A near citation. 14 3/4 inches caught fishing with FishDocs Guide Service.
Another big one out of the same hole, what a day. Mrs Kfive.
What a great time on the lake today. Anita catches a monster, love my fishing partner. Kfive
A great day on the water at Buggs island lot of fish in the back of main creeks, just find the bait and wait them out. lol Kfive
Slow morning but a good afternoon water temp was 78 wind change three times then stop, no wind no fish, starting blowing after 1pm the bite pick up lol. Kfive
Gotcha -- Fall Brawl Ready! 44 1/2"
Getting ready to clean the catch Fishing with FishDocs Guide Service
Last one for a while for Cody off to College. Kfive
A nice couple of eaters she love fishing at Kerr and Gaston. Kfive
Took my friend and his grandson, he wanted to go before he went off to college also had a great time, fish where in the main creeks. Kfive
We caught a few monsters Monday here's one of them, a great day fishing. Kfive
Nice Walleye caught trolling for Strippers 7/22 with FishDocs Guide Service.
Big crappie caught Old Bridge.
They are getting hard to find, found these back in a deep creek. Kfive
6 lb bass
A 15 pounder caught fishing with FishDocs Guide Service
48 flat-head caught n the mighty Dan (Cat - tec).
Looking for monsters these go back to there mommy! Mrs Kfive
I think I might keep this one!
This one not a eater back she goes! Mrs Kfive
Miss Earlytime's first striper on topwater from Lake Gaston.
Mrs. Redbeard with a nice striper, caught live-baitin
40 pound flatty....them NC girls keep getting it done!
Redbeard gettin it done too....58 pound blue.
The G man strikes again with a 14lb striper at kerr lake. Caught on black headed bucktail with bubblegum worm.
Nice back of stripers on gaston in a thunderstorm 6/25/14...earlytimes
Fantastic day of fishing on Kerr Lake near Boy Scout beach near Buoy 8. April 12th, 2014.
25# Blue cat Milton Nc. Dan River. No net man. Steve
Caught by Kevin Vinson on 05/23/14 on Buggs Island lake. 7.5 lbs., 24" spawned out. Wish I had caught her 2 weeks ago. I put her back in the same cove that I caught her in. I wish us fishermen could convince the Corps to keep the lake level up. You gotta Love that flooded timber.
35lb flathead catfish caught by Dwayne Keen 5/25/14 length 48" girth 28". Caught out of the Dan River
We haven't been on the water for a while,they still biting hot weather my wife at it again, women can fish. Kfive
Travis combs and Nathan Osborne caught this 135 lb blue cat at buggs 3/21/14.
Nathan Osborne and Travis Combs caught this 81 lb blue cat at buggs 3/22/14.
81 Pounder being released.
Caught November 13, this blue weight was 50lbs
Heather Francisco with a 3.02, and a 2.44 lb crappie caught on a recent trip to Buggs while fishing with her dad, Tim
She had her hands full today, Anita. Kfive boat
Early March, Lunker Boat
January in bluestone, Lunker Boat
These fish were part of a 17 fish catch last Tuesday
Chris Hill 46lb, Austin Sartin 58lb, and Chuck Schutte 38lb 03/16/14
Timmy and Mattypatty with a 51 and a 13 2/17/2014
Had a great day today on Gaston with Wife and Grandson. Kfive
This is what we use to catch in bluestone in April. Kfive
Ryan and stepson 12 yo Tyler fished with me today. Tyler got his pb 35 lbs. Good job Tyler. Gameon
Had a great day on Gaston today water temp 42.9 wind lite, Mrs. Presley with a good one. Kfive
Kristy Sartin from NC is Icebowl Ready with Austin Sartin
Va boys having fun at Gaston lake,Chris and Kenny. Kfive
Ok boys women can fish also.nice fish water temp 46 my wife Anita. Kfive
Darrell Lott of Crewe VA Striper Dec. 19th below Kerr Dam 22lb 38 using a Bucktail. Photo by: Courier-Record Newspaper
Early times is icebowl ready!!